The mission

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The core mission of The UX Project is to provide quality websites that make your customers happy. A poorly designed website can lead to frustrated visitors, missed opportunities for sales, and potentially very unhappy customers. We aim to change that – one website at a time.

How? It’s simple. We have the experience needed to design user friendly websites, and we use very clever tools that help us analyse the results.

How we operate

We service websites across Australia. Most communication is conducted through the use of emails, but tools such as Trello and collaborative documents (Google docs) can be used to keep you in the loop and help you stay involved.

We pride ourselves on meticulously updating clients on work and work progress. Depending on how much involvement you want, this can consist of simple regular updates, updates with links and screenshots after important milestones, and even screenshots of optional design elements for you to choose from.

Team members

Hi, I’m Michelle and I will be your primary contact and website guru. I have a background in teaching and small business, as well as a bachelors degree, and training in small business management and web development.

I have a sound understanding of marketing strategies for both product and service based businesses, art and design, all aspects of web development including coding languages (in particular css, php, html, and javascript).

I am located in Perth, WA.