Web development services

butler dental responsive website

Sites from scratch

We can design you a site from scratch. Whether it be a basic site, webstore, forums, we will do our best to make you what you need. Whether you’re a new business or an established business we can make sure your website works for you.

Clever functionality

We can add hover effects, and a variety of click content like expandable sections and popups. This can help you get more information in where you need it without overwhelming a page.

Special features

We have proficient skills in many coding languages and as such, can create unique features that you need. We do not outsource our coding services so the person you’re communicating with is the person doing the work to build what you need.

Sleek designs

Whatever your brand, we can come up with a design and layout that suits your needs, and also works brilliantly for your site visitors. We don’t use standard cookie cutter templates.

websites designed for visitors

Eye catching content

We make sure your content, whether it be text or image, catches the attention of your desired audience. You want to draw their eye to the right content and help them find the information they’re looking for.

Content updates / additions

We will not only update your content for you as it needs to be updated, but we’ll also take the time to make sure it looks amazing. This might be blog post additions, updated fees, staffing or contact details, or other content you want added to your website.

SEO content

SEO is a fine art. It’s important because it can help drive the right kind of traffic to your website, and essentially help people find you. We know how to do this and can also give you the tools to do it yourself.