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Need a brand new site? We can design you one from scratch. Whether it be a basic site, webstore, blog, portfolio, forums – we will do our best to make you what you need. Whether you’re a new business that needs branding or an existing business that needs a web presence in line with their branding, we can help.

In addition to designing your brand new site, we can also register your domain name (if you haven’t already), set you up on our hosting, and set up your email and analytics accounts.

We have skills in a variety of web platforms as well as different coding languages so we can ensure you’re website is unique and is unlike anyone else’s. We can understand and overcome complicated problems that websites often face like browser compatibility, as well as format and function issues.

You may want to do this for a number of reasons. You may have re-branded your business, your current website may be under-performing, or perhaps you want something more in line with current trends. Whatever your reasons, we can make your transition smooth and pain free. Our goal is always to make sure your website works and speaks to the people that visit it so that you can convert.

We have the skills to perform migrations, and will typically offer a mock design of your site for you to review progress without it effecting your live site. There are usually hiccups with migrations so we do our best to ensure everything looks and behaves as it should.

We love data. No, really we do. Data can tell us so much about what works and what doesn’t – so we can enact change and improve what could be better. We analyse the traffic coming to and from your site to see if the referral channels, landing pages, and target locations are working for your business.

Lots of site elements can impact performance and we analyse multiple aspects to get it running as smoothly and as fast as possible.

User experience (UX) is the key analysis to success. We analyse what your visitors do on your site and work out whether they like it or not. If we notice something that doesn’t seem to work for the visitors, we make changes. If something works swimmingly, we show you.

Depending on the platform you’re using for your website the updates can be complex or simple enough for you to handle yourself. Either way, updates are important… they can keep your information and that of your visitors, safe.

Upon analysing your site, we may identify a number of areas where your website can be improved. This may be the case with regard to pages having too much information and not enough images or headings. It may be that the information visitors need to find on your site is not easily found – our goal is to ensure your website converts and sometimes even changing minor things can help make that happen.

You may need a new page or some information added. You may have new products to add to your web store. We can do this for you along with any required images, proper formatting and SEO.

Those blogs. Everyone knows you should have a blog and post regularly but many people don’t understand why. Basically, it helps drive traffic to your website. We can regularly publish your articles if you can’t find the time – and we’ll make them look amazing.

Want proof? Check out some articles over at JiwaWhite PapersBizfeedCase Studies

Your business should have a consistent theme and image so your audience know who you are at a glance. This goes beyond a business logo and slogan. We can help you ensure your brand is consistent wherever your business is seen.

We are able to produce format friendly images for social media promotion so that material driving traffic to your site is in line with the design of your site. There are a number of simple ways we can do this by where we give you the tools and knowledge to manage it yourself or we do it for you.

These can be difficult things for people to get their heads around but we can set them up and manage them for you. These elements are ongoing costs and knowing what you’re doing when purchasing them is really important. Those savvy with these aspects can be given cpanel access when hosting with us.

Some really important features we include with our hosting packages are SSL certificates and an email account for your domain name. These aren’t always included but we understand what your website and business needs to perform at its best.

Designed for the best user experience

We analyse your site to make sure your users are having the best experience.

When we write your content, we make sure it looks amazing. After all, we want your site visitors to read it as much as you do.

We make sure our websites look great on mobile devices.

All our work comes with SEO because it should be part of the process, not something extra.

Need something special? We can add full custom additions and features to your site.

When you host with us, we make sure your website is safe for your visitors by including SSL certification.

You can choose a pathway that works for you

After we design your site, we will support you in any way you need...

Ongoing maintenance

Our premium plans allow you to focus on you while we manage your site.

Occasional support

You may want to manage it yourself but need help from time to time, we can lend a hand.

Instruction guide to self manage

Our goal here is to give you the resources you need to self manage. This may or may not require custom guides to help you.

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